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  • Develop Nationally and Internationally recognized and well funded multidisciplinary research programs in Epidemiology with emphasis on assessing cancer Burden , assessing prevalence of risk factors, identifying risk factors related to life style and genetics, and to study risk factors for disease progression.
  • Operate a Molecular Epidemiology research and resource laboratory that promotes collaborative research.
  • Provide Epidemiological consultation, collaboration and service to multidisciplinary basic science, clinical and translational research programme.
  • Develop Education and training programme in Epidemiology including Doctorate and Master programme in Epidemiology.


  • Build a program to identify Cancer Burden, Cancer Causation and Cancer Prevention Strategies.
  • Build a platform to conduct large scale cutting edge Epidemiological studies with accurate exposure measurement.
  • Build capabilities to conduct Population Genetic Studies.
  • Develop manpower for Cancer Surveillance, Epidemiology and Molecular Epidemiological Studies.
  • Partner with Universities and other Organizations that have complementary capabilities.

Bringing Epidemiology at par with International standards