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  • To study the determinants of the general awareness of cancer in Sangrur.

  • To study the effect of health education, easy access to diagnosis and treatment on stage at presentation, completion of treatment, and survival of breast, cervical and oral cancer before and after the intervention.

  • To check the completeness of cancer registration of Sangrur PBCR

Research Location


In the annual report of the Sangrur population-based cancer registry, it was recommended to start the cancer prevention program in the Sangrur district population. Based on this recommendation, we have started an early detection program for Oral, Breast, and Cervical Cancer in the Sangrur district of Punjab State. In this program, we are providing intensive health education on the risk factors, preventive measures of the disease, and easy access to diagnosis and treatment for symptomatic or likely cases.

We expect that breast, oral, and cervical cancer cases will be detected at an early stage and most of the cases will complete the treatment. The program is monitored by the population-based cancer registry Sangrur. In this program, we have selected the staff locally and they have been given training by the faculty of HBCH, Sangrur, and TMC, Mumbai.

Under this program, we have covered the villages listed below. In the following area, we have conducted house-to-house surveys, baseline awareness surveys, and health education programs for the community as well as for the school children. The medical officer along with the nursing team has conducted a cancer detection camp.


44572 households have been covered and the total population covered is 171007[ males-88959 and females 82048]. We have conducted 103 cancer awareness meetings and 206 community leaders visited the hospital and become aware of the facilities available in the Sangrur hospital.

More than 2040 participants attended the detection clinic organized at the doorstep of the population. Out of these,424 were screen positive .82 precancerous cases were diagnosed. We have diagnosed 36 leukoplakia, 2 mild dysplasia in oral screening, and in cervix screening 4 CIN I and 2 CIN II precancerous cases get diagnosed. A total of 11 oral cancer cases, 32 breast cancer cases, and 08 cervix cancer cases are diagnosed. Moreover, 29 cancer cases have completed treatment and are under follow-up at Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital, Sangrur.

We also have diagnosed 1 ovarian cancer case and 2 endometrial cancer cases which have been referred to HBCH for further management.


Activities carried out: Easy access to diagnosis and treatment

Cervical Cancer Screening

Door-to-door survey and health education conducted by the filedworkers

Counseling and health education at camp site

Field visits conducted before camps

Periodical training of project staff and quality control of data

Detection clinic in the village/ ward

Registration at field clinic

Oral visual examination by Surgeon

Medical consultation by female Medical Officer

Free medicine distribution