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Centralized Services

The following centralized services will be developed to support activities of Epidemiology and also to fulfil the needs of other units if required.

  1. Bio-bank and laboratory services.

  2. Computing and research support.

    • Data management

    • Bioinformatics & Biostatistics

    • Library and web-media development

  1. To be able to store and retrieve biological samples collected during Epidemiological research.

  2. To bar code the samples and automated retrieval.

  3. To be able to extract and quantify DNA.

  4. To analyze stability of samples over the time.

  • Data management: Data management unit will help in developing data base, coding questionnaire, conduct quality checks, produce summary statistics, preserve with confidentiality.

    The summary of work is explained in chart below :

  • Bioinformatics & Biostatistics: The unit will be developed to help genotyping and genomics work conducted in Epidemiology and also in other units of TMC.

  • Library and web based media development: Library will work in collaboration with TMC library. The books and journals related to Epidemiology will be specifically ordered. Web site will be developed to highlight various activities of Epidemiology.

Flow chart and summary for Centralised Cervices